Andrew Carlson

Professional Racer

Age: 26
Number: 15
Class: PRO-2, PRO-4
Status/Family: Courtney (wife), Dallas (son)
Hometown: Elk River, MN
How did you get started racing? My dad got me a kid’s snowmobile when I was three and racing followed naturally at age 4. I raced motocross and snocross growing up and continued on the snocross career path, eventually competing at the top level for several years. I retired my professional snocross career in March of 2017 to focus on off-road racing full time.

I got into off-road racing through UTVs. At first, I just enjoyed driving them in my free time and shortly after I started racing them. I attended an off-road race in Bark River, MI in 2011 and thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. I continued racing UTVs and as I progressed I found my way into renting a Pro Lite truck. The rest is history.
Highlights of your racing career:

-Claiming my first-ever off-road truck win at the inaugural Twin Cities Takedown in front of the home town crowd

-Finishing 3rd at the Crandon World Cup Race in 2017

-Breakout win in Bark River in my first ever Pro 2 race.

-25 career podiums
What's the furthest from home you have ever been: New Zealand
Where is your favorite venue? ERX Motor Park
Most challenging part of the racing: At the top level in any form of racing, it comes down to mental toughness and emotional intelligence. I race best when I am confident and obsessed with crossing the finish line first. Getting into that mindset is my primary focus on a race weekend.
When not on the race track what do you drive? Ford Raptor
Off-season training: Snowmobiling, mountain biking, Crossfit, motocross, road biking, and studying video of off-road races.
How do you spend your free time? With my family, On the lake fishing or wake surfing, driving my Polaris RZR, hunting deer and small game, Graphic design and CAD, and driving anything with an engine.
What is the most intense moment behind the wheel of an off-road race truck?I would say flicking a Pro-4 truck into a rutted corner and not letting off the throttle. I swear my heart skips a beat every time and when you nail it you can’t stop grinning.