Andrew Carlson

one. five. one.

Age: 25
Number: 151
Class: PRO-2, PRO-4, PRO UTV
Status/Family: Married, Courtney 
Hometown: Elk River, MN
How did you get started racing? My dad got me a kitty cat [Arctic Cat snowmobile] when I was three and I have been racing snowmobiles ever since. I retired my my professional snocross career in March of 2017 to focus on off-road full time.
Highlights of your racing career: four wins and 13 podiums in the 2014 Snocross National Pro Lite season. Finishing 2nd in the 2014 ProLite season points championship. The highlight of my off-road career was claiming my first-ever win at the inaugural Twin Cities Takedown in front of the home town crowd. 
What's the furthest from home you have ever been: New Zealand
What's your perfect weather condition for a race: a 80 degree night race with no wind.
Where is your favorite venue? ERX Motor Park
What got you into racing? My dad has always been into snowmobiling and as soon as I was old enough to ride I loved it. In the past few years I picked up UTV racing, which sparked my interest in off-road. 
Most challenging part of the race weekend: Being fast every time you hit the track and being consistent.
When not on snow or dirt, what do you drive? Ford F-150
Off-season training: Snowmobiling, mountain biking, dirt bikes, jet skiing and road biking.
How do you spend your free time? Going to my family's cabin, dirt biking, hunting and fishing.