July 28, 2015 Carlson Moto

Atturo Tire Excited to Expand TORC Relationship with Carlson Motorsports

Elk River, Minnesota (July 28, 2015) – With barely half of The Off-Road Championship (TORC) 2016 season in the books, Pro-Light rookie Andrew Carlson of Carlson Motorsports has quickly established himself as a rising force, rumbling off a string of top-five finishes and adapting to a multitude of tracks and conditions. The quick study and ability of Andrew along with the professionalism of the Carlson Motorsports team has already prompted first year sponsor Atturo Tire to extend and expand their relationship with the team through the 2016 season.

Specialization in the world of racing has become nearly a necessity. Unique engine blueprints or gear ratios for a particular track or even track conditions are often required in order to be competitive amongst a bevy of drivers separated by mere seconds. However for Atturo Tire, developing a product that performs both on the racetrack and off is a company philosophy that has paid dividends in both venues.

Dedicated to building high quality tires for the SUV, crossover and light truck market, the tires that have propelled Andrew’s Pro-Light truck this season, are the same tires customers can buy for their personal vehicles. The TORC series has proven to be an ultimate proving ground for Atturo and the result is a selection of tires that out-perform original equipment tires, offer stunning good looks and yet remain affordable.

“We’ve been very impressed with Andrew and the entire Carlson Motorsports team,” said Atturo Tire owner and president Michael Mathis. “The TORC Pro-Light division allows us to test in some truly harsh and demanding conditions…the tires on his (Andrew’s) truck are the same as some of the trucks in the parking lot. We’re excited about our partnership and we’re looking forward to big things from Carlson.”

“This has been a dream season so far,” said Andrew after learning of Atturo’s commitment to the team. “We’re getting more competitive every time we race and we’re aligning ourselves with some the best people, products and companies in the industry. I’m excited to represent Atturo for many seasons to come.”

To learn more about Atturo Tire, the selection of tires they offer, and to find a dealer near you visit them online at www.atturo.com.

Andrew and the Carlson Motorsports team returns to action August 4-5 in Sturgis South Dakota for the Battle at the Chip. Visit the TORC website for exact dates and times for broadcasts, past videos, point standings, and the latest team news. You can follow the Carlson Motorsports team throughout summer season on their website  www.carlsonmoto.com or follow them on Facebook@CarlsonMoto or Twitter #CarlsonMoto. You can also follow TORC Pro-Light racer Andrew Carlson via Twitter @151Carlson.