June 28, 2017 Carlson Moto

Carlson Has Speed To Match The Big House Track In Crandon

Top of the Pack Qualifying Puts Carlson Just Off the TORC Series Podium at Famed Crandon International Off-Road Raceway

ELK RIVER, Minn. June 27, 2017 – The Big House lived up to its namesake as PRO Light young gun Andrew Carlson and the Carlson Moto crew tackled the biggest and fastest track on tour as TORC: The Off-Road Championship visited the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway in Crandon, Wisconsin. With the venue’s signature land rush start and all-out turn one chaos, the opening lap spelled the difference between podium glory and clouds of dust.

Both days, Andrew exhibited the speed necessary to tame the big track as he recorded the third fastest qualifying time Saturday morning with a truck that was handling on point. But as Crandon can so often do, a tough start on Saturday and an unexpected rock lodged in his front brake rotor on Sunday, forced Andrew to claw his way back through the pack.

In both instances Carlson showed driving savvy beyond his TORC Series experience, disposing of other trucks quickly and joining the top pack which together, pulled away from the rest of the field. A large and unstable cushion made for a delicate balance of traction during both days of racing resulting in challenging line choices. While Andrew stayed glued to the third-place truck, he was unable to find the drive to work his way past, settling for a respectable, albeit somewhat disappointing fourth-place finish both Saturday and Sunday.

“Crandon has been a tough track for me to adapt to,” said Andrew. “I’m racing against guys who have pounded a lot of laps here…we’re improving and I know from my lap times I can run with the top guys. We just need to keep working on set-ups. And I need to continue to work towards making less mistakes and driving with greater urgency.”

With two finishes just shy of the podium, Andrew continued to collect valuable points in the chase for the championship. He is now in a second-place log jam in the standings with Cam Reimers and Shawn Morris as they all chase Kyle Kleiman.

“Overall, it was a successful weekend,” said team owner Chris Carlson. “The crew continues to work their butts off and Andrew is pedaling the car with the best of them…it’s the starts where we need to get stronger, especially at Crandon.”

You can watch all the action from Crandon via on-demand streaming-video found at the official TORC Series website www.torcseries.com. The team will now regroup and make preparations for one of their favorite tracks, Bark River International Raceway in Bark River, Michigan July 15-16.

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