July 17, 2017 Carlson Moto

Carlson To Make Pro 2 Debut In Bark River

Team is Fully Committed to TORC Series and Looks to Make Gains in PRO Light Ranks with Added Seat Time and Information Gleaned from PRO 2  

ELK RIVER, Minn. July 13, 2017  Fully committed, those are the words used to best describe Carlson Moto (CM) and their racing endeavors in TORC: The Off-Road Championship series. Proof of this commitment will come this weekend as the TORC Series visits Bark River International Raceway in Bark River, Michigan; and Andrew Carlson will make his racing debut in the PRO 2 class.

While still considered a relative newcomer to the professional racing ranks of the TORC Series, Andrew has quickly established himself as a top contender in the PRO Light class with multiple podium finishes. Just five races into the 2017 season, Andrew is tied for second in the year-end championship chase.

“Our focus remains in the PRO Light class,” said Andrew. “Adding a PRO 2 truck to our program is going to give me more seat time and help me grow as a driver. I want that PRO Light championship, and this (racing in PRO 2) is going to accelerate our entire program to get me there.”

The PRO 2 class features rear-wheel drive trucks similar to PRO Light, but have more power and more suspension in a slightly bigger chassis. In addition, rule changes this year require DOT tires in the PRO 2 class just as they are in PRO Light. This equates to more similarities between the two vehicles and will allow the Carlson Moto team to glean more information every race weekend.

“We’re all in,” said CM owner and manager Chris Carlson referring to the TORC Series. “It’s all about seat time…the more time Andrew has behind the wheel in race conditions the better he will get. Plus, learning to manage the added power of a PRO 2 truck with DOT Atturo tires will be a big benefit when he gets behind the wheel of his PRO Light truck.”

You can watch all the action from Bark River via on-demand streaming-video found at the official TORC Series website www.torcseries.com this Saturday and Sunday, July 15-16. Follow the Carlson Moto Team throughout the season on their website www.carlsonmoto.com or on Facebook @CarlsonMoto or Twitter #CarlsonMoto

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