Triple Header Weekend Starts With Podium, Ends With Mechanical

Hometown Hero Andrew Carlson Finishes Second in PRO 2; Hopes of Capping 2017 TORC Series with More Podium Celebrations is Cut Short by Mechanical Gremlins

ELK RIVER, Minn. Sept. 26, 2017 – A race season is often filled with incredible highs and disappointing lows, and such was the case for Carlson Moto pro driver Andrew Carlson’s homecoming in TORC: The Off-Road Championship. A triple header weekend at his hometown ERX Motor Park track would give Andrew six shots at a top of the box finish. A strong second-place PRO 2 run during Friday’s makeup race from the storm shortened spring stop of the TORC Series had the team headed in the right direction. But a string of tough-luck racing incidents would end the Carlson season just shy of the box on multiple occasions.

“We had the truck to get the victory,” said team owner and father Chris Carlson. “Andrew was driving the wheels off both his PRO Light and PRO 2 trucks. His Snocross background had him creating lines others didn’t see…he was as aggressive as I’ve seen him drive…and at times that go for it approach cost him.”

Carlson’s grab what you can style was made evident on Friday, when he charged from 13th position all the way up to second. “I think one more lap we would have been there,” said Andrew referring to eventually winner Mike Vanden Heuvel. “I messed around with the guys in third and fourth for too long…I had a fast truck and I just love the PRO 2 out here.”

That blazing speed and aggressive style was on full display throughout the weekend where Carlson would challenge for the lead or be driving away from the pack with the lead. Unfortunately for him, everything that could possibly upset his podium bid did. A flat tire in PRO Light kept Carlson out of a certain podium finish in Friday’s race; a cut tire while making a two-for-one pass for the lead in Saturday’s PRO 2 race ended is bid again; and a pair of mechanical gremlins on Sunday cut short a sizeable lead in PRO 2 and strong run in PRO Light.

“I know that’s racing, but it’s also disappointing,” said Andrew after getting out of his PRO 2 truck on Sunday, which looked to have untouchable speed. “No question our PRO 2 truck is on fire right now…I wish the season could continue because I know we have all the ingredients in place to rattle off some wins.”

For the Carlson Moto crew however, those wins will have to wait until next season, when the 2018 TORC Series returns with more drivers and even more intensity. While the season might be over, the action continues online where you can relive every minute of every race by visiting Plus, you can check out the new series titled Young Guns featuring the up and coming talent in the TORC Series including Andrew Carlson. The series debuted Wed., Sept. 20 at 7 p.m. CT and will air bi-weekly on Wednesdaynights. In addition to TORC’s online channels (Facebook, YouTube and, fans can also view the series via Four Wheeler magazine’s Facebook, YouTube, and on

Carlson Moto would like to thank every sponsor, fan and team member who helped make this off-road season possible.

Carlson Dominates With Triple Podium Weekend At Crandon

Convincing PRO 2 Victory; Second Place Finish in PRO 2 Challenge; and Top PRO 2 Driver in AMSOIL Cup Places Andrew Carlson Amongst the Best in the Sport

ELK RIVER, Minn. September 5, 2017 – In every career, there are those moments which define the character and creed of an individual. For professional short course off-road racer Andrew Carlson, the 48th Annual World Championship Off-Road Races at Crandon International Raceway this past weekend was his moment; and a trio of podium finishes was the defining proof Andrew was, and will be, an off-road racing force for many years to come.

Crandon is recognized as the birthplace of short-course off-road racing, and the annual Labor Day weekend races are regarded as the Super Bowl event for the sport. Attracting the best off-road racers from across North America, the Crandon World Championships is the ultimate litmus test for drivers, and it was a test third year racer Andrew Carlson passed with mulitple podium celebrations.

Saturday’s Round 11 action of the TORC: The Off-Road Championship Series, started with a poor start and a 7th place finish in PRO Light for Carlson, but it was in PRO 2 where he once again made his mark. Competing in just his fifth PRO 2 race of his career, Andrew dominated the 9-lap race with a monster holeshot and a lead he never relinquished for his third win of the season.

“I’ve struggled at Crandon in the past,” said Carlson after the race. “I’ve never had the holeshot here, but coming through turn one and not seeing anybody…I was ecstatic.”

But Andrew wasn’t done with the podium celebrations. Sunday’s action was highlighted by races featuring the best drivers in short-course off-road racing from across the country. Despite having less power than the PRO 2 trucks which typically compete in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series (LOORRS), Andrew secured his second podium of the weekend, finishing just behind overall winner Bryce Menzies in the PRO 2 East vs West Challenge.

With an event of this magnitude, the biggest race of the weekend is held till the end. The AMSOIL Cup pits the best PRO 2 and PRO 4 drivers in North America in a race for the sport’s biggest purse. With a stacked field including former TORC champions, LOORRS champions, and Baja winners, the PRO 2 trucks are given a predetermined timed advantage over the more powerful and faster PRO 4 trucks. Once again, Andrew mashed the pedal and never backed off, leading the field for 8 laps in the 10-lap final. Eventually the faster PRO 4 trucks of Menzies and Kyle LeDuc overtook Carlson, but he fended off the remainder of the field to claim third and become the top placing TORC Series driver in the final.

“I’m just blown away,” said an emotional Carlson after the podium celebration. “It’s always a compliment for someone to tell you that you’re fast…but when it comes from the guys you’ve looked up to, it really means a lot. I’ve only been short-course racing for three years and to be standing on the podium with some of the sport’s best racers is pretty amazing.”

The Carlson Moto crew will now head home and make preparation for the final TORC Series races of the season at ERX Motor Park. The Final Rounds slated for September 22-24 in Elk River, Minnesota will feature three days of racing and will culminate with the crowning of year-end champions.

Tickets are available now at You can also tune in for live streaming by visiting

Follow the Carlson Moto Team throughout the season on their website or on Facebook @CarlsonMoto or Twitter #CarlsonMoto

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Double Victory Fuels Best Weekend Ever For Carlson Moto

Andrew Carlson Dominates TORC Round 9 with PRO Light and PRO 2 Wins

ELK RIVER, Minn. August 15, 2017 – Flag-to-flag victories in PRO Light and PRO 2 punctuated an emotional and memorable week for Andrew Carlson as he stormed the all-new technical Red Bud, Michigan track with precision, speed, and guts.

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Bark River Brings Double Podium Weekend for Carlson Moto

ELK RIVER, Minn. July 17, 2017 – Team Carlson Moto’s emotions were soaring in Bark River, Michigan with Andrew Carlson winning his PRO 2 debut and backing it up with a come from behind second place finish on Sunday. Saturday’s win was unexpected to say the least, but Andrew proved to the field his flag-to-flag win was no fluke, as he charged through the 15-truck field on Sunday to climb atop the box again.

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Carlson To Make Pro 2 Debut In Bark River

Team is Fully Committed to TORC Series and Looks to Make Gains in PRO Light Ranks with Added Seat Time and Information Gleaned from PRO 2  

ELK RIVER, Minn. July 13, 2017  Fully committed, those are the words used to best describe Carlson Moto (CM) and their racing endeavors in TORC: The Off-Road Championship series. Proof of this commitment will come this weekend as the TORC Series visits Bark River International Raceway in Bark River, Michigan; and Andrew Carlson will make his racing debut in the PRO 2 class.

While still considered a relative newcomer to the professional racing ranks of the TORC Series, Andrew has quickly established himself as a top contender in the PRO Light class with multiple podium finishes. Just five races into the 2017 season, Andrew is tied for second in the year-end championship chase.

“Our focus remains in the PRO Light class,” said Andrew. “Adding a PRO 2 truck to our program is going to give me more seat time and help me grow as a driver. I want that PRO Light championship, and this (racing in PRO 2) is going to accelerate our entire program to get me there.”

The PRO 2 class features rear-wheel drive trucks similar to PRO Light, but have more power and more suspension in a slightly bigger chassis. In addition, rule changes this year require DOT tires in the PRO 2 class just as they are in PRO Light. This equates to more similarities between the two vehicles and will allow the Carlson Moto team to glean more information every race weekend.

“We’re all in,” said CM owner and manager Chris Carlson referring to the TORC Series. “It’s all about seat time…the more time Andrew has behind the wheel in race conditions the better he will get. Plus, learning to manage the added power of a PRO 2 truck with DOT Atturo tires will be a big benefit when he gets behind the wheel of his PRO Light truck.”

You can watch all the action from Bark River via on-demand streaming-video found at the official TORC Series website this Saturday and Sunday, July 15-16. Follow the Carlson Moto Team throughout the season on their website or on Facebook @CarlsonMoto or Twitter #CarlsonMoto

About Carlson Moto:
Carlson Moto is a family of racers, mechanics and sponsors who are proud of our accomplishments on and off the track. We are driven to excellence in everything we do. Our racing operation is driven by a deep-rooted passion for the sport and an operational philosophy grounded in integrity. To learn more about Carlson Moto and how you can share in our success, visit

Carlson Has Speed To Match The Big House Track In Crandon

Top of the Pack Qualifying Puts Carlson Just Off the TORC Series Podium at Famed Crandon International Off-Road Raceway

ELK RIVER, Minn. June 27, 2017 – The Big House lived up to its namesake as PRO Light young gun Andrew Carlson and the Carlson Moto crew tackled the biggest and fastest track on tour as TORC: The Off-Road Championship visited the Crandon International Off-Road Raceway in Crandon, Wisconsin. With the venue’s signature land rush start and all-out turn one chaos, the opening lap spelled the difference between podium glory and clouds of dust.

Both days, Andrew exhibited the speed necessary to tame the big track as he recorded the third fastest qualifying time Saturday morning with a truck that was handling on point. But as Crandon can so often do, a tough start on Saturday and an unexpected rock lodged in his front brake rotor on Sunday, forced Andrew to claw his way back through the pack.

In both instances Carlson showed driving savvy beyond his TORC Series experience, disposing of other trucks quickly and joining the top pack which together, pulled away from the rest of the field. A large and unstable cushion made for a delicate balance of traction during both days of racing resulting in challenging line choices. While Andrew stayed glued to the third-place truck, he was unable to find the drive to work his way past, settling for a respectable, albeit somewhat disappointing fourth-place finish both Saturday and Sunday.

“Crandon has been a tough track for me to adapt to,” said Andrew. “I’m racing against guys who have pounded a lot of laps here…we’re improving and I know from my lap times I can run with the top guys. We just need to keep working on set-ups. And I need to continue to work towards making less mistakes and driving with greater urgency.”

With two finishes just shy of the podium, Andrew continued to collect valuable points in the chase for the championship. He is now in a second-place log jam in the standings with Cam Reimers and Shawn Morris as they all chase Kyle Kleiman.

“Overall, it was a successful weekend,” said team owner Chris Carlson. “The crew continues to work their butts off and Andrew is pedaling the car with the best of them…it’s the starts where we need to get stronger, especially at Crandon.”

You can watch all the action from Crandon via on-demand streaming-video found at the official TORC Series website The team will now regroup and make preparations for one of their favorite tracks, Bark River International Raceway in Bark River, Michigan July 15-16.

Follow the Carlson Moto Team throughout the season on their website or on Facebook @CarlsonMoto or Twitter #CarlsonMoto

Pass For Lead Ends In Dramatic Flip For Carlson In Pro Light Final


Andrew Carlson Has Speed for Repeat Win at Hometown Track; But Aggressive Line Ends His Bid in Saturday PRO Light Final; Sunday Races Postponed Until September

Elk River, Minn. June 15, 2017 There are two paths to the top box in TORC: The Off-Road Championship - calculated precision tempered by patience; or throttle-down run and gun exuberance. When it came to Saturday’s Round 3 PRO Light main event at ERX Motor Park, front runners Andrew Carlson and Kyle Kleiman displayed plenty of both as the two likely foreshadowed a head-to-head battle that will be replayed throughout the season.

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Family Trumps Winning for Pro Light Racer Andrew Carlson



A Graduation Present was the Spark that Led to Championship Dreams and the Creation of the Newest TORC Series Racing Facility in Elk River, Minnesota 

Elk River, Minn. (June 8, 2017) – For Andrew Carlson, the path to TORC: The Off-Road Championship presented by AMSOIL is one grounded in family traditions. Passion for racing runs deep in the Carlson family, but it was the value of family itself that started Andrew Carlson on his TORC Series journey and dreams of one day winning a championship in North America’s most prestigious off-road, short-course racing series.

An accomplished professional snocross racer in North America’s biggest national snowmobile racing association, Andrew was familiar with competition and winning, having won countless races since he first started racing at age 4. But it was a high school graduation present from his parents Chris and Deb that ultimately set Andrew on his path towards off-road truck racing.

“My parents allowed me to pick one place I wanted go on a family vacation when I graduated from high school,” Andrew recalls. “It could be anywhere; and I wanted to go see a big-time race. I eventually picked a TORC Series race in Bark River, Michigan. We rented a motorhome and everyone thought it was the coolest thing we’d ever seen.”

The Carlson family was so enamored with TORC Series racing they attended the Crandon, Wisconsin race soon after. Not long after, Andrew began following and watching off-road truck racing at every opportunity.

“At the time, I didn’t really consider racing trucks, but I started to follow it more and more,” said Andrew. “It was my favorite thing to do…I’d watch every video and race I could online, and soon I knew all the drivers, all the tracks, and it became a passion for me.”

That passion and the introduction of a side-by-side UTV class to the TORC Series led Andrew to his first TORC Series race as a participant. Later that same season, through a series of mutual friendships and the chance opportunity to race a back-up truck, Andrew found himself behind the wheel of a PRO Light truck at Crandon, the TORC Series most famed track.

“I had never turned a lap before that race,” Andrew remembered, “but I had a blast and my Dad was becoming as hooked on TORC as I was.”

Fast forward to 2017, and the Carlson family, along with business partner Todd Plaisted, have become integral players in the TORC Series. Their Elk River, Minnesota based racing facility, ERX Motor Park, will be home to two of the seven stops of the 2017 TORC Series tour. And Andrew, who announced his retirement from snocross racing this spring, has set his sights on a PRO Light championship, after earning several podium finishes and his first win last season.

“I think it (off-road truck racing) has come a lot more naturally than we expected,” said Andrew. “In snocross I was more of a calculated racer…I liked the set-up and the technical attributes of the track. In TORC that plays a big role. But I also think I’m more aggressive than other guys because of my snocross background.”

For now, Carlson has found a home in the dirt, and if he has it his way, he won’t be leaving any time soon.

“I don’t have aspirations of racing NASCAR or anything like that. I like to jump. I like it when a track is always changing and things are getting rough…I want to win in TORC and I want to do it for a long time.”

Perhaps more importantly, the Carlson family continues to enjoy time together. And for Andrew, that togetherness is better than winning. “How many 24-year-olds do you know that spend nearly all their summer weekends hanging out with their family? I’m so fortunate and I know if I didn’t have that connection with my family and friends I don’t think I’d be racing…to me that’s the part I enjoy most.”

TORC Series Twin Cities Takedown – June 10-11

The TORC Series Twin Cities Takedown at ERX will feature two-full days of professional off-road racing action; Saturday and Sunday, June 10 and 11 at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota. The sprawling 400-acre facility features on-site camping, premium viewing areas of the natural terrain, one-mile track, and family-friendly pricing with single day passes just $25 and children 11 and under free. For tickets, camping reservations, schedule of events, and more information visit

 TORC: The Off-Road Championship is the nation’s homegrown short-course racing series. Built by drivers—TORC roots run deep, hosting world champions and descendants from all off-road disciplines. What started nearly a decade ago with a crew of dedicated drivers has evolved into a multigenerational sport of two-wheel and four-wheel drive trophy trucks, and UTV racing. TORC seeks to preserve the spirit of short-course racing by working with the finest tracks throughout America’s heartland and hosting some of the sport’s most competitive teams. Buckle up, because when you hear the engines rumble and witness a pack of trucks flying through the air, fighting for the inside line and taking the TORC National Championship, you’ll be hooked for life. Learn more at

Best of Class Speed Propels Carlson to Early Season Podium

Elk River, Minn. May 16, 2017 – Nimble and quick… those words define the weekend performance of Andrew Carlson in the opening rounds of TORC: The Off-Road Championship series at the Route 66 Raceway in Joliet, Illinois. Armed with a truck on point and confident skills, Carlson streaked to a podium finish and exited the weekend just four points out of the Pro Light Championship lead.

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