team owner

Chris Carlson


Age: 50
Family: Married with two kids, Taylor and Andrew.
Hometown: Big Lake, MN
Nickname: depends upon how the race weekend is going.
What is the best part about owning a professional snocross team? I love being able to spend weekends at the track with my family and our crew. It's a great gig!
Favorite track: ERX Motor Park, Elk River
How did the team get started? Taylor, Andrew and I raced together in the early years, primarily at regional races. The kids started racing when they were four years old. Through the years we switched our focus to the national circuit and began building the team. Taylor and I hung up our helmets but we both still love being a part of the team supporting Andrew and Ryan.
What is your favorite moment or highlight of racing? Andrew's big win at Duluth two years ago has to be one of my favorite moments in racing. It was his first race back after a horrific knee injury suffered in March of that year while racing in Sweden. The injury was so severe that many questioned whether he'd ever race again. Less than 9 months after major reconstructive knee surgery he came back with a win and a second place in Duluth. He went on to have the best season of his career with four Pro Lite wins.
What's the furthest from home you have ever been? New Zealand
What's your perfect weather condition for a race? Clear skies and 25-30 degrees
What's your favorite venue? I love Lake Geneva in the Spring when the weather is nice.
What or who got you into snocross? Ultimately my Dad is responsible. He introduced me to snowmobiling as a Kid, and eventually to racing. I've been a passionate snowmobile enthusiast ever since.
Most Challenging part of the race weekend: Maintaining an even keel when the waters get rough!
What are the must have’s in the race hauler? Comfortable black fleece gloves, with my name on them so the mechanics don't steal them, and some fresh black Sharpies for bench-top illustrations and teaching moments.
What is the main thing you want to accomplish this season? I'd like Andrew to be fighting for podium spots each weekend--to be consistently competitive.
Hunting and fishing with family.
When not on snow, what do you drive? Ranger Fishing Boat or my Ford Raptor