Team Owner

Deb Carlson



Family: Husband - Chris, Daughter - Taylor, Son - Andrew
Hometown: Big Lake, MN
Favorite part of owning a team: I love spending so many weekends with our team, family and all the wonderful friends we've made through snocross and off-road.
Favorite Track: I love X-Games and also Lake Geneva (snocross)
How did the team get started? We got the kids Kitty Kats at a really young age--around 2 1/2 and 4 years. They both started racing by 4 on ice, grass and snow. It was a little crazy when Chris, Taylor and Andrew were all racing... I miss those days.
What's your favorite moment or highlight of racing? Last year at Duluth when Andrew won his first National after fighting back from a devastating knee injury. I still cry when I see the picture of Andrew and Derek with their arms raised.
Perfect weather: It's pretty hard to beat Lake Geneva in late March. I love being able to not wear a jacket, get a little sun on my face and watch snocross.
Who got me into sport: My husband.
Most challenging part of weekend: Watching Andrew out on the track. Praying helps me deal with the stress.
Must have's: Something warm in the crockpot.
Free time: Fishing and Hunting with my husband, shopping with Taylor, hanging out at the cabin with friends and family. I love to go fun places too.