Off-Road Mechanic

Race Stamper


Family: single
Hometown: Crandon, WI
Favorite part: Traveling around the country with our racing family and meeting new fans to the sport!
Favorite track: ERX, Elk River, MN
How did you get started in the race industry: I grew up in this sport, going to my first race when I only a few months old.
What's your favorite moment or highlight of racing?: Fall Crandon 2017 ending the weekend with 3 podiums against the best drivers in the country!
Perfect weather: 75 and sunny!
Who got me into the sport: My dad raised me in this sport!
Challenging part: keeping man and machine at the same pace
Must haves: Deb’s world famous cooking!
Free time: Love spending time with my family on the lake. Open water fishing and surfing in the summer, snowmobile riding and ice fishing in the winter!